Why North Point?


  • First and foremost we are fiduciaries, not sales people who are paid on commission.  Our fiduciary duty requires putting our clients' interests ahead of our own and acting loyally, in utmost good faith and with due care.
  • Our firm's client base of  slightly more than 200 clients, with more than $700 million in assets under management, is the result of referrals from clients, accountants and attorneys who recognize the value of   what we do.


  • North Point differs from other investment professionals and wealth management firms because we have chosen to be Small by Design, Consistent in Approach and Clear in Content. 

Clear in Content

Our client portfolios are free of unnecessary influence from creators and distributors of complex or sophisticated financial products.  We only invest in individual stocks and bonds.  This transparency allows our clients to easily understand how their money is working for them.  

Small By Design

We believe that bigger does not mean better.  North Point consists of four portfolio managers and four assistants.  We limit the number of client relationships in order to best serve each and every client.  


Consistent in Approach

Our approach to managing client investments has proven successful over time using a consistent process of valuation.  Our analysis and assessment of stocks and bonds has been instrumental to the growth of our clients' portfolios.  Despite market volatility in the years since the firm's inception in 1999, North Point's persistence in our strategies has resulted in long term out-performance.