How do we get started?

The best way to begin is a conversation.  This will allow us to better understand your needs and how we might be able to help.  Call Dan Dreiling (440-720-1104)  to set up an appointment for a more in-depth consultation.    

How can I verify your credentials?

You can access the SEC website ( ) to obtain online information about North Point Portfolio Managers or any other Registered Investment Adviser, and to be sure it is legally registered as a fiduciary firm.  Our unique identifying number on this site (CRD number) is 111257.  All new clients are provided with a copy of our ADV Firm Brochure and it is also available upon request.  This brochure provides information about the qualifications and business practices of North Point Portfolio Managers. 

Can you help with other questions besides investments?

​Our clients feel comfortable asking us questions on a myriad of issues!  Our goal is to become our clients' trusted adviser, helping them make better decisions on more than just their investments.  We are not experts in all situations, but can reach out to other professionals to obtain information as needed.  We encourage our clients to bring their concerns to us and do our best to develop solutions as appropriate.

Why should I trust you with my money?

  • Your assets are held by a well known independent custodian.  We have discretionary authority only over how the portfolio is invested.  The custodian also provides you with independent monthly statements itemizing all transactions in your account. 
  • Our firm and our employees are not engaged in other financial industry activities and have no other industry affiliations.
  • Our own accounts, including our retirement plan, are invested in the same stocks as those in our clients' portfolios.
  • In support of our fiduciary responsibility to our clients, our firm's Code of Ethics sets forth high standards of business conduct that we require from our employees.



Who are your clients?

We manage more than $700 million of assets, for a broad spectrum of clients.  

  • Our clients include business owners and executives, medical, dental and other professionals, and high net-worth individuals and families.
  • We manage corporate investments and profit sharing and pension plans for businesses owned by our individual clients.
  • We manage assets for charitable organizations and endowments within our community.

Our clients are similar in that they understand our approach to working with them in managing their investment portfolios and appreciate our accessibility and advice. They are committed to a long-term investment perspective and are not looking to "time the market".  Our clients have had success in creating wealth, and look to us to help them build, manage and preserve their assets in a changing economic environment.  

Why should I use an investment adviser?  Can't I just invest my money on my own?

​Many of our clients have asked similar questions before they decided to work with North Point.  Our clients will tell you that we are uniquely qualified to partner with them in managing their assets.  Our clients benefit from our portfolio management in many ways including:

  • Expertise - our portfolio managers have the education and experience to make informed decisions regarding portfolio management.
  • Emotion - Because we have been doing this a long time, we understand and expect market corrections and do not react emotionally to isolated events.  We are in this for the long term and we are confident of our ability to guide our clients through turbulent market times.  
  • Trust - as Registered Investment Advisers with the SEC, we accept and adhere to a higher fiduciary standard.  As a client you deserve our loyalty, fairness and good faith.  
  • Resources - we use multiple analysis tools to evaluate market offerings.  Our experience, and the time taken to investigate potential portfolio positions, would be difficult for the casual investor to duplicate.